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    Bio Peat+

    Bio Peat+

    AgroDeutsch's product line “Bio Peat+” is dedicated to Premium-Quality peat moss (With additives) and its growing media for professional growers' use. Its promotes the growth of plants and is used to restore microbiological processes and regulation in soil to improve its biological, physical, or chemical properties.

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    Bio Peat+ Effective Microorganisms

    High-quality natural peat moss with effective microorganisms.

    Bio Peat+ NPK

    High-quality natural peat moss with organic fertilizer or/& synthetic fertilizer .

    + Organic Fertilizer or/& + Synthetic Fertilizer

    Bio Peat+ Effective Microorganisms & NPK

    High-quality natural peat moss with effective microorganisms and organic fertilizer or/& synthetic fertilizer.

    High-quality natural Peat Moss With Effective Microorganisms and Organic Fertilizer is the best solution for organic farming

    Bio Peat+ Customized

    Tailor-made high-quality natural peat moss with additives according to the needs.