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    Vertical Indoor Farms

    Vertical Indoor Farms

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    Vertical Indoor Farms

    Sphagnum Peat Peat is formed during the natural death and incomplete decomposition of bog plants, under conditions of abundant moisture and incomplete oxygen supply. The peat of high bogs is formed by the plants growing in it, mainly various mosses. About 95% of the volume of moss peat is pores. The small pores are filled with water, but the coarse ones are filled with air, so peat provides an ideal water and air regime for plant roots. Peat deposits are 6–12 thousand years old, and it turns out that 1 mm of the current peat layer is formed during the year. Peat is formed under anaerobic conditions and is sterile. It is acidic, with low nutrient content, so by adding liming material to peat, as well as NPK fertilizers and other additives, it is a high-quality material for soil improvement.

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    White Peat
    White peat extracted by milling technique is suitable for substrates to be used in trays, small pots and packs. The flowability of this raw material aids rapid filling and thus is ideal for use in automated filling lines.

    Brown Peat
    Brown peat is partially to moderately decomposed (H4-H6), and rich in organic matter. It is very suitable for different substrate blends to improve plants' growing properties.

    Black Peat
    Black peat is appreciated by growers because of its high water capacity and fertilizer retention properties. It extends irrigation intervals (especially under warm climatic conditions) and improves cultivation results.

    Tailor-made high-quality natural peat moss according to the needs.

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